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Daily Workout – 17 May 2013

Tomorrow’s Friday, so it’s a short and intense day. For tomorrow’s workout, we have one round of the following exercises:

20 kettlebell swings (36 kg)

30 toes to bar

400M sprint

So, this workout won’t take too long, but 36 kg is a hefty kettlebell, and if you’re not disciplined with your kettlebell swings, you’ll end up tiring out your forearms, which will make your toes to bar reps really hard. A note on kettlebell swings. Some suggest that the kettlebell should go overhead on the kb swing. I prefer to only swing my arms up to parallel and lock my hips out. Anything more than that risks injury in my opinion.

For the kettlebell swings, make sure to keep your back flat during the entire move and thrust your hips forward on the upswing. Your arms really shouldn’t be doing much here. Rather it should be your hip thrust that swings you arms up to parallel.

On toes to bar, your feet have to go past parallel at the bottom and touch the bar at the top of the move (you should be hanging suspended from a pull-up bar).

Short and intense – a good Friday routine.


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