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Daily Workout – 10 May 2013

It’s definitely been a tough week, and tomorrow is no exception. Short, but intense, which is typical for Fridays. We’ve got one round of 30 burpees, 50 thrusters (60 lbs) and a 500M row.

The burpees are tough after all the burpees we did on Wed. As a refresher, to do a complete burpee, you drop to the ground so your chest and hips are touching the floor, come to your feet and jump 6 inches off the ground. You can rest in the standing position or on the ground (as advised by my wife!), if needed.

For thrusters, hold the barbell at your upper chest and drop down into a full squat (thighs parallel to the ground at the bottom). Raise up and push the barbell over your head. Arms lock out at the top and the bar is over your head (not in front of it).

Should be short, but intense. Just the way we like it on Friday. TGIF!


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This entry was posted on May 9, 2013 by in Sports and Fitness.
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