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Daily Workout – 1 May 2013

A rare two-part workout today – courtesy of my wife. First part destroys your legs and the second part focuses on shoulders and core. Here it is:

Part 1:

Bottom-to-bottom tabata – for 8 rounds alternate between :20 of squats and a :10 squat hold. Your score is the lowest number of squats you do in any of the :20 rounds.

Part 2:

5 rounds for time of:

5 Wall Climbs

5 Hand Release push-ups

50 sit-ups (decline by 10 sit-ups each round)

For wall climbs, start with your chest and hips on the ground with your feet at the base of the wall behind you. Climb up the wall backwards until your hips and chest touch the wall behind you. Drop back down to the ground (chest and hips touching the ground) and go up again.

Hand release push-ups are just like they sound. At the bottom of each push-up, your chest and hips must be on the ground and your hands must come off the ground for a split second.

Good luck. Post scores and times if you do the workout.

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