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Daily Workout 6 May 2013

A little late posting this one. Today we did a 12 min AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). All body weight exercises. AMRAPs push you a little differently than workouts where there is a defined number of reps and you do them as fast as you can. With an AMRAP, you know that your time is limited, so you tend to take fewer breaks (or at least I do). Here’s what we did today:

12 min AMRAP:

50 Air Squats

30 Push-ups

15 Pull-ups

For air squats, thighs have to be parallel to the ground at the bottom and knees locked out at the top. Push-ups, chest has to hit the ground and elbows are locked out at the top.

Surprisingly, the push-ups are what get me in this workout. 30 at a time shouldn’t be that hard, but when you’re exhausted…

We had scores ranging from 276-470 total reps today – basically 3-5 rounds.

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