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Mio Classic Heart Rate Monitor – $32.99

Mio Classic Select Heart Rate Monitor Watch – $32.99

I love this watch. When I bought my first one years ago it was $80. I recently had to buy a replacement (I cracked it and water got inside), and I couldn’t believe that it was only around $30 now. Unlike other heart rate monitors where you have to wear a chest strap, this one takes your heart rate when you put two fingers on the sensors on the front of the watch. When I first got it, I actually tested it against a chest strap monitor, and they performed the same. Anyway, I love this thing and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to track their heart rate.

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Mio Classic Select Heart Rate Monitor Watch – $32.99 (as of 6/2012)

Disclosure: All of the products featured on Tim’s Finds are products that I’ve used and am comfortable recommending. Most of the posts on Tim’s Finds will also include affiliate links to sites where the item can be purchased. 

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