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P90X – $139.80

P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program– $139.80

I started P90X in March 2007. I weighed 182 lbs and had a 42 inch waist. I’m 5′ 7″, so I wasn’t grossly overweight, but I knew I had a lot to lose. My wife bought P90X off of an infomercial, and I totally made fun of her. But, then I decided to give it a try. I did 90 days and then another 60 days. At the end, I had lost 25 lbs and 6 inches off my waistline.

Now, admittedly, it is hard to maintain, but I pretty consistently do 3 routines a week alongside other workouts. At the end of the day, though, what I liked most was that I didn’t have to decide every day what type of workout to do and which exercises I should do – the routine covers the full body. So, if you’ve seen the commercials and have been thinking about it – pull the trigger.

Click here to find it:

P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program – $139.80 (as of 6/2012)

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