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Welcome to Tim’s Finds. Here at Tim’s Finds, I find products that guys love. I wouldn’t exactly call this a review site or a product comparison site. I just use stuff, and if I like it I recommend it. I’m not trying to test out a bunch of products in a category to find the best one based on some formula. Also, I tend to try to find value in the stuff I buy, so that will usually be reflected in the products I recommend (although sometimes ‘value’ ends up meaning ‘piece of crap’. I WON’T be recommending those items :-).

So, if you’re a guy, have at it. If you’re a gal and you need a gift idea for a guy, odds are that I have it here. All links go right through to the online retailer. Full disclosure: I won’t endorse a site that I haven’t ordered from, and I won’t endorse a product that I don’t love. Most of the links will generate an affiliate fee for the site.

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